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We are an Approved Amazon Associate site with one goal in find the BEST, HIGHEST QUALITY LED Bulbs around, so you can save as much money as possible on your electricity bills. As an Amazon Associate, we spend hours scouring through their site looking for the best products.

This site has 3 product categories, Usage Monitors, LED Bulbs including Standard socket LED Bulbs, GU10 LED bulbs , MR16 LED Bulbs, and PAR38 LED Bulbs that save YOU money, and other LED Products. If you do not find the product you need, check out Amazon and you are sure to find what need at the price you want.

Many of the LED Bulbs found here are TOP 100 BEST SELLERS in their category on Amazon, with a substantial number of positive reviews from consumers who have already purchased them. All of the products we choose to promote are affordable and effective electricity saving LED Bulbs. If they don’t pass our standards, we don’t promote them on this site. So, rest assured they are high quality and will surely save you money on your energy bills. All of these LED Bulbs can be easily purchased from Amazon whether you are living in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary or anywhere else in Canada. Why waste time and money searching local malls? Let us do the hard work and find great products for you.

Try out of ENERGY SAVINGS CALCULATOR to see how much money you can save switching over to LED bulbs.

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Use this form to get a rough idea of the yearly savings you would have with each low-cost LED bulb you buy! See How much of a difference even 1 Low-Cost LED bulb can make on your energy bills.

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See how much different devices cost to use on a yearly or monthly basis.



We typically recommend the best 5 products in each category, this isn’t the case for energy usage monitors. Although there are a number of energy monitors available, they simply don’t measure up to our standards...all except for one.

The Belkin Energy Usage Monitor is unlike any other. For us, the best aspect of this gadget is the 6-foot cord that allows you to easily read the display. You can easily see the amount of electricity you are using, the cost per month or year, and more.

This great gadget allows you to see exactly how much energy different products use and how much it’s costing you. Think your computer doesn’t use much power? Think again. What about the television when it isn’t even turned on? You may be shocked with what you find. Ultimately, this gadget will allow you to make informed energy saving decisions.

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Aluratek ALB8W 8W A19 Warm Led Bulb

Warm White,Light Output (Lumens): 8W, Service Life: 50,000 Hours.



One of the quickest ways to save energy is switching to LED bulbs. Standard lights are used all over your house, and can be costly, however LED Bulbs are becoming more popular and affordable every day. LED Bulbs are a fantastic alternative to normal halogen bulbs as they only use a fraction of the wattage. Use the Energy Calculator above to see what you can save each year.

The hard part is to find a retailer that doesn’t take advantage of everyone’s need to save money with LED bulbs, but don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work! After spending numerous hours searching Amazon, we have found what we truly believe are 5 amazing LED bulbs that are the best value.

All of the chosen bulbs we recommend are affordable, high quality, but best of all, they maintain that warm, bright light seen in halogen lights, so why not make the change?

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GE 50723 LED Motion-Sensor Night Light

Maintain that Warm, Soft Light, but at only a fraction of the energy cost.



Often times when looking through Amazon, we come across great energy saving accessories that don’t necessarily fit into a specific category, but are too good to ignore! Other energy saving accessories include anything from LED motion sensing night lights, Smart Outlets, and other affordable, effective energy saving gadgets.

Out of the other energy saving gadgets we’ve come across, one of our favourite has to be the GE 50723 LED Motion-Sensor Night Light. Night lights are used frequently, but the problem is they run throughout the night which runs up your energy bill when they are not actually needed. This motion sensing night light turns on when motion is detected, but only in a dark room and will turn off within 90 seconds if no more motion is detected. Motion can also be detected up to 20 feet away. To top it all off, this motion sensing night light also utilizes an LED bulb to minimize even further the energy cost! Why run a night light all night? However, if you need it to be on all night you can.

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Socket Energy-Saving Outlet

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Energy Saving Surge with Remote

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Motion-Sensing LED Nightlight, 3-Pack

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We only deal with Amazon because their payment processing is safe and secure so you can have peace of mind when buying LED Bulbs online. Also, they offer a worry free guarantee that ensures you are happy with your purchase. In addition, you can easily see what others are saying about the LED Bulbs before you buy it with their consumer reviews.

All of the LED Bulbs we promote are packaged, shipped, and serviced by Amazon, so you know you are dealing with a highly reputable retailer and if you have any issues with your LED Bulbs, Amazon will take care of it. Furthermore, ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ LED Bulbs are also eligible for ‘FREE Super Saver Shipping’ when you spend $25 or more. This means Free Shipping whether you are in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or pretty much anywhere else in Canada.

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