Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you get paid to promote certain products?

Answer: No, we do not get paid to promote certain products. We only promote the products that we feel are well priced, quality products in their category.

Question: Do you service or warranty the products you promote?

Answer: We are simply a site that promotes, in our opinion, the Five Best products in specific categories. We do not sell anything, we do not service anything, and we do not warranty anything. If you purchase a product that we promote it is the seller and/or the manufacturer that service the product and provide the warranty.

Question: Why do you only promote products sold on Amazon?

Answer: We have always been a supporter of Amazon and find their policies to be excellent. Also, we only promote products that are 'Fulfilled by Amazon'. This added benefit is something that Five Best considers to be a considerable plus when buying products online. If a product is 'Fulfilled by Amazon'. this means Amazon ships and services the product. Typically, this also means the product is eligible for 'FREE Super Saver' shipping, yet another benefit.

Question: What other product areas do you promote?

Answer: We are always adding new areas to our site. Visit to see more categories we promote.

Question: How do I ask for new categories to be promoted?

Answer: We are always looking for new areas to address. If you have an idea for a new category, simply go to our Contact Us page and let us know what you think.

Question: Can we get notified when you add a new category?

Answer: Yes, simply go to our Contact Us page and select 'Keep Me Updated on New Products' from the Subject drop down.

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